Weed & Gasoline

Eric Lindell

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I wrote “weed and gasoline” few months back I guess mostly about myself and some of the things that I love. One thing I love is the rodeo. One of my favorite cowboy’s is a young man named JB Mouney from Charlotte North Carolina. I like JB’s style rough and tough old-school cowboy. JB has earned over $6 million riding bulls. Some years back there was a bucking bull on the PBR Circuit named Mississippi hippie. I don’t even know if JB ever rode Mississippi hippie but it sang well and it sets up the next line of the song real nice . I also like fooling around with Motorcycles. I don’t know if any of y’all have ever smelled something and thought who the hell is that smell coming from and then realized it was yourself . Well this was happening to me one day and the smell was a combination of weed and gasoline. The Forestville club is a place I have been playing in California for over 25 years owned by my good friend Wayne Spear. Most the folks that come out there and see me know what I’m about and can relate to these lyrics. I grew up in rural North California . My whole life we had Appaloosa horses and my dad raised beef cattle and he still does today. These lyrics really tap into who I am and what I love. I once owned a quarter horse named Jack and he was the best horse a man could ask for. I was happy to squeeze Jack into my song. I hope you enjoy it As much as love singing it . Eric Lindell the singing patron

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