Weed & Gasoline

Eric Lindell

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I wrote “weed and gasoline” few months back I guess mostly about myself and some of the things that I love. One thing I love is the rodeo. One of my favorite cowboy’s is a young man named JB Mouney from Charlotte North Carolina. I like JB’s style rough and tough old-school cowboy. JB has earned over $7million riding bulls. Some years back there was a bucking bull on the PBR Circuit named Mississippi hippie. I don’t even know if JB ever rode Mississippi hippie but it sang well and it sets up the next line of the song real nice . I also like fooling around with Motorcycles. I don’t know if any of y’all have ever smelled something and thought who the hell is that smell coming from and then realized it was yourself . Well this was happening to me one day and the smell was a combination of weed and gasoline. The Forestville club is a place I have been playing in California for over 25 years owned by my good friend Wayne Spear. I once owned a quarter horse named Jack and he was the best horse a man could ask for. I was happy to squeeze Jack into my song too. I hope you enjoy it As much as love singing it . Eric Lindell the singing patron

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